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_Historia de las excavaciones


First archaeological excavations carried out by the Anthropology, Ethnography and Pre-History Section of the IEGPS (Instituto de Estudos Galegos Padre Sarmiento).


Nine excavation campaigns led by José Carro Otero. The Traslatio coin and an altar stone dedicated to the god Deveros were found during this period, as well as more than 200 graves and bone remains.


Excavations funded by the Xunta de Galicia to define the boundaries of the archaeological site.


Land clearance funded by Pontevedra Provincial Council.


Land clearance funded by Pontevedra Provincial Council.


Excavation funded by Vigo University in which 8 new skeletons were documented. Samples of fish were taken to study the remains of the Roman salting factory and the types of fishing activities that would have taken place at that time.


Declared a Site of Cultural Interest.