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The rural society

_Historia de las excavaciones


Revival of the “Festa dos fachos” (Festival of Fire), prohibited in the 1940s.


Clearing of the tree cover under which the hillfort was hidden. Transfer of the land to the Asociación Amigos dos Castros (Friends of the Hillforts Association), the conception of the Terra Termarum Foundation.


Drafting of the Master Plan.


Execution of different explorations within the walled site, uncovering several dwelling and storage structures that enable us to better understand the morphology and layout of the fortified settlement’s interior space and chronology.


Beginning of an exploration outside the walled site, some 20 metres from the hillfort’s entrance doorway, on a steep slope. Occupation outside the hillfort’s acropolis was documented for the first time. Conservation and restoration work affecting the tower and entrance steps was carried out.


This archaeological intervention, made possible by the agreement signed between Pontevedra Provincial Council and Incipit-CSIC, focused on extending the 2009 exploration outside the main site of the hillfort, enabling archaeologists to find out more about the settlement’s relationships with its surroundings.