Adro Vello

From a factory to a monastery…?

Información práctica

Cómo llegar

Follow the directions to Carreiro beach from San Vicente do Grove. The excavated part of the site can be found on the right-hand side of the road.


Visits are free and in the open air, and the site can be seen from outside the fence that encloses the excavated area.


Access is prohibited as the site is fenced off.


Visitors are asked to respect the archaeological remains. Their conservation depends on your collaboration. Thank you!

¡Lo que no te puedes perder!

Con da Hedra (O Grove)

This is the second highest spot in O Grove, after A Siradella. Some of the islands that form a part of the Atlantic Islands National Park (Cíes, Ons and Sálvora) can be spotted from here, as can some of the best-known beaches in the region, such as A Lanzada, Area da Cruz or Raeiros.

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O Grove Aquarium (O Grove)

A themed, scientific and informative complex. By exploring the depths of the ocean we can come to understand and interpret the atmosphere and culture of Galicia’s seafaring tradition. The marine ecosystems of the Rias Baixas and the Atlantic Islands National Park are represented in the aquarium.

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Pedras Negras (O Grove)

The “Pedras Negras” (Black Stones) Route hugs the San Vicente do Mar coastline, boasting natural landscapes, small coves and rock formations. It begins at Pedras Negras Marina and ends at the site of the old military base at Con Negro. Walkers can then either double back or continue along the path to the coastal defence batteries at Puerto Cuaces.

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O Grove Fish Market (O Grove)

The fish market, managed by San Martiño Fishermen’s Association, is where the first sale of marine products caught and extracted by the ria de Arousa’s fishers and shellfishers takes place. Guided tours are available, enabling visitors to see how the fish and seafood landed daily arrives, how it is weighed and labelled and then prepared for the auction that takes place in the afternoon.

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Salgadeira de Moreiras Museum (O Grove)

Situated in the old salting factory, this museum displays the life and work of Galicia’s fishing communities, including the salting process, fishing gear and shellfishing, canned products, rope-making and knotting, traditional wooden boat-building and navigational instruments.

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