Mercado dos Mouros

Life by the river’s edge

Información práctica

Cómo llegar

From Valga, follow the signs towards the N-550, to Pontecesures, and continue 1.75 km along the PO-548 until you reach the roundabout. After passing A Torre (1,5 km), you will come to another roundabout. Take the turning on the right and cross the railway bridge. Continue on the road that runs alongside the track for about 1.85 km and turn to the right, where a recently resurfaced track will take you to the site on the banks of the river.


The site is open and free.


Visitors should be careful in wet weather, as the land can become flooded, given the site’s proximity to the river.


Visitors are asked to respect the archaeological remains. Their conservation depends upon your collaboration. Thank you!

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Towers of the West (Catoira)

In the Middle Ages, this enclave was one of the most important forts in Galicia. It controlled the traffic on the River Ulla and was key to defending the city of Compostela. Currently, the remains of two towers and the chapel are preserved. The surrounding area is of great scenic beauty, and on the first Sunday in August, a festival re-enacting the Viking landing takes place.

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Mercedes Mine Lagoon (Valga)

This is an old open-air clay mine that once manufactured bricks and has now been transformed into a lagoon. It has a floating pontoon and its entire perimeter has been conditioned to allow visitors to enjoy long walks in this peaceful, natural environment. It forms a part of the Valga Ecomuseum, a network of places of natural interest, which also includes the River Valga’s waterfalls, mount Beiro and Vilarello river beach.

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Mount Xiabre ()

The area boasts numerous routes and vantage points enabling visitors to enjoy the historical and landscape heritage. This is the highest point of the Salnés region, ideal for taking in the wonderful views of the Arousa ria and its mussel rafts.

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Abalo Windmills (Catoira)

On the summit of mount Abalo are to be found a number of windmills built at the end of the 19th century, unique in Spain on account of their two-blade system. Their location offers spectacular views of the Arousa ria and the mouth of the River Ulla, as well as Pedras Miúdas lagoon.

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Setecoros Church (Valga)

A baroque church with significant neoclassical alterations in the 19th century, for example, the façade. The current bell tower is even more recent, built in 1910. Setecoros is a record of the passage of time from the Late Roman period to the present day. Near the church is a large and beautiful olive grove with more than 800 trees.

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