null Mitos y leyenda - Alto dos Cubos

Myths and legends of Alto dos Cubos (Tui)

A legendary battle?

According to legend, here lay the mythical mount Medulio, scene of one of the final battles between the Romans and the Gallaecians. The story goes that, during the Cantabrian battles, the Gallaecians took shelter “between the River Miño and the waves of the sea” in order to escape from the Romans, who built a moat with the aim of laying siege until they surrendered. The battle was so long and hard that the mount became a place of collective suicide, considered a better fate than being enslaved by the Romans.

Historical research has been unable to establish that the battle actually took place here. It may have been fought somewhere in the mountains either in Asturias or Cantabria. The truth is that the exact place has not been discovered, and Mount Aloia might well have been the location of this legendary battle.