null Myths and legends - Castro de Penalba

Myths and legends of Castro de Penalba (Campo Lameiro)

“…a cup of milk was offered to the serpents to drink from…”

"A Pedra da Serpe" (the Serpent's Stone) is situated on the acropolis of the castro of Penalba, which boasts a wonderful panoramic view over the lands of the River Lérez. The rock is oriented towards the sunset and takes the shape of a large serpent, although it can also be interpreted as two serpents mating.

According to tradition, serpents were magical beings and the legend associated with this stone is a demonstration of the ideology of traditional society in symbolic terms: "childless couples who wish to have children must copulate on the stone on the eve of the feast of St. John, taking with them a cup of milk for the serpents to drink from as an offering."