null Mitos y leyendas - Santa Trega

Myths and legends of Santa Trega (A Guarda)

“…the shepherdess implored the saint to bring the rains again”

The castro of Santa Trega is a magical place shrouded in mystery and legend, transporting us back in time. 

One of these legends concerns the saint who lends her name to the mountain. Saint Tegra is said to have appeared to a shepherdess in the 14th century during a long season of drought, which would have dried up the River Miño itself. The shepherdess implored the saint to bring the rains again, and she replied that the whole village must climb the mountain in procession and fast for three days. This they did, and the rains returned shortly afterwards. 

​In appreciation of her intervention, the sanctuary was created and on the last Saturday of August the Procession of the Vow takes place, following the Stations of the Cross. This procession has now been replaced by the Rite of the Vow, in which only men participate because, as rumour would have it, years ago another type of meeting of women and men took place, far removed from the true objective of the rite.