null Yacimiento - Castro de Toiriz

A legendary hillfort

A fortified Iron Age II settlement that was occupied continuously from the 4th century BCE to the 1st century.

The site is comprised of a main site in which circular structures were favoured, an “ante-hillfort” and some impressive defences that include a large parapet and a ditch.

This hillfort exemplifies the typical defences of north-western, Iron Age settlements, showing how their positioning provided both a means of control and a visual command of the landscape. This said, further details are sketchy, given that the site has never been excavated. 

The valley of the River Toxa

It is located on the spur of a hill overlooking a large stretch of the River Toxa valley, with an extensive visual command of the area.

From here, the ancient settlers of Toiriz could control other nearby hillforts and establish social and economic ties. Towards the south, it has a visual command of the Tabeirós valley and the Terras do Deza region.