Mitos y leyendas - Monte do Facho

Myths and legends of Monte do Facho (Cangas)

“… a sea monster bigger than 143 elephants...”

Like many other places on the coast where tragedies occurred, Cabo Home harbours legends about monsters that caused shipwrecks. The most popular one also endures thanks to an oral tradition kept alive over five centuries. In that era, fishermen who survived the power of the savage seas would tell how as vessels sank in strange circumstances they were able to make out the shape of sharp teeth. One dark, stormy day, a sea monster rose from the waves and threatened to devour all of the villagers of Hío. It was said to be bigger than 143 elephants, but a warrior called Oridon decided to stand up to it. After many attempts, he found a way of killing it, thanks to his shield and the monster’s aversion to sunlight. The monster of Cabo Home, dying, slid into the sea, its prickles just breaking the surface of the water, little by little turning to stone. Today, these prickles are clearly visible, now forming sharp rocks that lie at the cliffside of Cabo Home. Find the time to go and see them, but be careful not to stir the beast…