Imagining Trazas: myths and legends

Legends are part of intangible heritage. They are the story of a real event, adorned or disfigured by fantasy, which is sometimes distorted or modified by oral tradition as it is transmitted from generation to generation. History and mythology are combined giving rise to legends or beliefs of different types. These legends can be religious, fantastic, historical or reflect the popular imagination of the inhabitants of Galicia about events that occurred in the past or that could have occurred.

The Moors and the Mouras are the legendary inhabitants of the Galician castros. They are used by the population to tell or explain who built and how those abandoned towns were built in which objects of great value appeared. The Moors lived hidden underground and frequented the castros or old buildings. You could make deals with them in exchange for gold, but be careful not to fulfill them... The mouras were beautiful women with pale skin and long blonde hair who lived in forts, lakes, rivers or springs and guarded great wealth coveted by men and women.