About Trazas

“Trazas de Pontevedra” [Traces of Pontevedra] is a joint Ministry of Public Works and Pontevedra Regional Council initiative whose aim is to highlight the value of the province’s Gallaecian-Roman archaeological sites. The project is comprised of eighteen sites which make up a collection of assets of scientific, tourist and socioeconomic interest. A holistic approach to their rehabilitation and valuation has been proposed, reinforcing the axis they represent as a strategy to boost tourism in the province. 

From a scientific point of view, the aim of the initiative is to provide an overall understanding of the socioeconomic dynamics of the province and Galicia in ancient times that contributes towards eliminating the idea of a marginal region and culture, as well as going some way towards explaining the territorial structure that prevailed from the Iron Age to the Roman Age. 

Insofar as tourism is concerned, the initiative aims to expand the range of high-quality cultural activities beyond those associated with typical seasonal tourism, while carrying out a socioeconomic action by rehabilitating public heritage sites capable of stimulating the cultural life of boroughs and halt depopulation. 

Each of the sites included in the project are linked in a particular way to a certain aspect of castro or roman culture, in such a way that, as a whole, they can offer an all-round view of our historical legacy’s cultural values. In short, “Trazas de Pontevedra” aims to provide new identifying elements that connect citizens to their past and explain our territory’s transformation, from remote prehistoric times to the present.  


  • Pontevedra Provincial Council
  • Spanish Government’s Ministry of Public Works
  • Oia Town Council
  • Sanxenxo Town Council
  • Marín Town Council
  • O Grove Town Council 
  • Cotobade Town Council
  • Tui Town Council
  • Vilagarcía de Arousa Town Council
  • Campo Lameiro Town Council
  • Silleda Town Council
  • Ponteareas Town Council
  • Cuntis Town Council
  • As Neves Town Council   
  • Valga Town Council 
  • Ribadumia Town Council
  • Cangas Town Council
  • A Guarda Town Council


  • CXCA-Lalín
  • Incipit-CSIC
  • Museo de las Peregrinaciones 
  • Museo de Ponteareas
  • Museo de Pontevedra
  • Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
  • Comunidad de Montes de Noalla
  • Comunidad de Camposancos
  • Comunidad de Mougás
  • Comunidad de Taboexa
  • Comunidad de Hío
  • Parque Natural Monte Aloia