_Trazas of Pontevedra

This archaeotourism route in the province of Pontevedra comprises 17 Gallaecian-Roman sites and constitutes an essential part of the provincial archaeological heritage management policy, which aims to promote and stimulate their exploitation as a tourism resource. In doing so, it seeks to preserve, add value and promote visits to specific sites associated with Gallaecian- Roman culture —which in some cases are less well known and, therefore, undervalued— to capitalise on them from an economic and social viewpoint.

The aim of this route is to disseminate cultural values and their most relevant and significant traces, stimulating knowledge of our historical and cultural legacy and providing citizens with new identifying elements that connect people to their past and explain our territory’s historical transformation.
This dissemination and emphasis of cultural values not only includes visitors and tourists, but extends to schools too, given the route’s didactic and informative role.

“Trazas de Pontevedra” [Traces of Pontevedra] is an invitation for visitors to travel back in time, more specifically, 3000 years in the History of this province.