Traces in the world

Tracing contexts

The north-west has been a dynamic and permeable place since the Bronze Age, having contact with peoples from the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. This area of the north-west was not a "Finisterre" (end of the world), rather it formed a part of trading circuits and has had strong ties with the world for more than 2500 years.

Products would reach the north-west from the French Atlantic coast, the southern Iberian peninsula, northern Africa (now Morocco and Tunisia), the Balearic Islands, Sardinia or the Italian peninsula, as would people, ideas and beliefs.

The Route of the Phoenicians

This route, which Pontevedra Provincial Council has participated in since 2014, is a Council of Europe Cultural Route which shows, by way of a journey through space and time, how the heritage of Europe's different countries and cultures combines to form a shared and active cultural heritage.

The route includes 18 different countries and is an invitation to travel and discover the heritage of both the Phoenicians and the peoples who came into contacts with them across the Mediterranean as well as in some places on the peninsula's Atlantic coast.