Trazas inland

Discover traces of the past among valleys and mountains boasting a green landscape transformed and shaped by the actions and work of men and women over the centuries.

_Places to visit

Visit sites in the interior of the province, among woods, mountains and farmland. Discover natural landscapes, waterfalls, monasteries, country houses, watermills or places that witnessed battles against the Vikings.

Popular festivals (“fiestas”)

If you can choose your dates to visit, find out when the most popular festivals are held. You will be able to enjoy gastronomic experiences featuring our best products from the land and our livestock, as well as discovering ancestral traditions such as the Rapa das Bestas (cutting of the manes).

Lalín “Cocido” Festival


Sunday before Carnival

A Estrada Salmon Festival

A Estrada

Third weekend in May

Spit-roasted lamb Festival


Last Sunday in July

Free-range Cockerel Festival

Vila de Cruces

Last Sunday in May

Catoira Viking Landing


First Sunday in August

Laro Tortilla Festival


First weekend in August

Doade Traditional Wheat-threshing Festival


Penultimate Saturday in August

Bandeira Empanada (savoury pie) Festival


Penultimate full weekend in August


Choose your experience: from adventure sports such as rafting, bungee jumping or paragliding, to hiking or stargazing from one of our astronomical observatories.