Trazas among rivers

In lands through which Galicia’s longest river runs, following its course towards the Atlantic Ocean, you will find sites that have a visual command of a landscape shaped by the River Miño.

_Places to visit

Visit sites in spectacular spots which have a commanding view of the mouth of the River Miño or wide river valleys. Discover natural landscapes, towns, cathedrals and border territories.

Popular festivals (“fiestas”)

If you can choose your dates to visit, find out when the most popular festivals are held. You will be able to enjoy gastronomic experiences featuring our best products from the sea and the fertile river valleys, as well as discovering our rich religious heritage.

Lobster and seafood cuisine Festival

A Guarda

First weekend in July

A Franqueira Spring Pilgrimage

A Cañiza

Whit Monday

Corpus Christi Feast Day in Ponteareas


40 days after Holy Thursday

Arbo Lamprey Festival


Last weekend in April

O Rosal Wine Fair

O Rosal

Second or third weekend in July

Condado Wine Festival

Salvaterra de Miño

Last weekend in August

Festas do Monte

Santa Trega

2nd week in August

San Nomedio Pilgrimage

As Neves

7 August

As Neves cottage cheese and honey festival

As Neves

Last Sunday in August


Choose your experience: from sailing on the rivers to rafting, hiking, lamprey-tasting or simply relaxing in one of our many spas.